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Live Minnows

The water is warming daily and the crappie and other sunfish will be moving into shallow water. These crappie and sunfish will suspend in and around submerged timber and near large rock piles. One of the best ways to catch these fish is by using live minnow.

To target these fish try using a small or medium minnow fished under a slip-float. This is a very easy setup to rig and is very effective for fishing multiple depths.
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Step 1: Slide the bobber stop onto the line.
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Step 2: Slide the slip-float or bubble onto the line.
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Step 3: Tie a small barrel swivel to the end of the line.
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Step 4: Attach a 24-48″ piece on leaded material to the barrel swivel and tie the hook on the end of the leader.
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Step 5: Crimp on a small split-shot 4-6″ above the hook.
Glory Hole Sports fishing report , Melones 3-18-6.jpgGlory Hole Sports fishing report , Melones 3-18-7.jpg

Add a minnow and you are ready to fish. The minnow can nose hooked through the lips from the bottom up. Or, it can be hooked behind the dorsal fin through the back.

Another way to fish with live minnows is directly under the boat with a drop shot rig. This setup can be fish in the middle of the water column for suspended fish or fish on the bottom. Simply tie the hook on and run the tag end back through the eye of the hook. Then attach your weight to the end of the tag line.

Also try fly lining a weigh less minnow far behind the boat and drift in the wind. This presentation will work for crappie, trout, and bass.

Be sure to take good care of your bait by keep them out of direct sun light and properly aerated.

Thanks- from all of us at Glory Hole Sports

Fishing Report

Water Conditions: New Melones Lake is currently holding

1,069,091 acre-feet of water. The lake level fluctuated very little this week and is currently at 952 ft. above sea level and 134 ft. from full. The water is slightly stained with some areas forming mud lines. There is also a little bit of debris on the surface. The average water temperature is 54-60 degrees and rising daily. The boat launch ramps at Tuttletown and Glory Hole Point are both open.

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Mike Mancini, Waili Wong and 7-year old Parker Wong of Redwood City caught a few rainbows while trolling a dodger/worm combo in the Angels Arm.

Trout: Slow. The trout bite has been getting a little tougher each week. The water has been rising slowly, warming and the water visibility has been decreasing. The trout bite best in clear/cold water. Try to find areas with clearer water that are protected from the wind and have deep water access. Also, if you are fishing an area with slightly stained to murky water try using bright colored baits and lures. Bank anglers have been catching a few fish of off Glory Hole Point. The main river channel swings into Glory Hole Point. This will bring cooler water to the area and attract the trout. For bait try using Chartreuse or Rainbow garlic scented Power Bait. To locate fish try fan casting a Kastmaster. Gold, brook trout, and orange are all good color choices for stained water. Trolling anglers try targeting fish from the surface to 35′ of water.The fish should be near creek channels and the river channel and heading back out to the main lake. The cooler water near these areas is where they will be in the hotter summer months. When fishing in water that has a lower visibility try trolling with lures that have rattles. Speed Traps, Rattle Traps, and other small crank baits are a few favorites. When fishing the main lake and near deep water it is a good idea to have a couple lines in the water targeting brown trout. Try rolling shad or trolling large jointed plugs or swim baits. It is also a good idea to add plenty of scent and remember to reapply throughout the day.
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Steve Salvi and Josh Vierra of Modesto caught a handful of rainbows while bank fishing Glory Hole Point.

We do encourage catch and release for the brown trout as The Department of Fish and Game will no longer be planting them. Carefully measure, weigh and photograph trophy fish and send us pictures and information.

Kokanee: Slow. The fish generally start biting again in the spring mid-April into May, but we’ve had reports of a few being caught. We expect an earlier start to the season due to the abnormally warm weather. Try trolling a pink hoochie, spinner, or bug behind a teardrop dodger while trout fishing and you might pick up a few kokanee. Also, nightcrawler and garlic nightcrawler scent works best at the first part of the season.

Bass: Good. The weather feels like spring but the days are still a bit short for the fish to commit to shallow water. The majority of fish are staging in 25-35′ of water on main lake structure and moving shallower throughout the day. To catch shallow fish try using small bright colored crank baits or spinner baits. To target deeper/staging fish try using a drop-shot rig with a 4-6″ straight tail worm. Bold Bluegill is a color that Roboworm makes that works exceptionally well during the spring months. Another deep water fish catcher is a football head jig. Try fishing ½ – ¾ ounce jigs in crawdad colors. Brown/purple, green pumpkin/purple, and green pumpkin are all good color choices. Remember to using matching trailers. Last but definitely not least is the Yamamoto Senko. These baits catch a bunch of fish and every once in awhile a big one. Try fishing them on a Texas rig or wacky rigged.
Glory Hole Sports fishing report , Melones 3-18-10.jpg

Casey Strom of Pleasanton caught and released a big 7-pound, 9-ounce largemouth bass. He reported catching this fish in 12-15′ of water on a Yamamoto Senko.
Glory Hole Sports fishing report , Melones 3-18-11.jpg

Bethie Wall of Lockford caught her first ever spotted bass. She reported catching them on a pumpkin colored worm scented with anise/crawfish Pro Cure Gel.

Glory Hole Sports fishing report , Melones 3-18-12.jpg

Glory Hole Sports employee Josh Hutton caught and released a nice largemouth bass. He went bank fishing after work reported catching his fish on a swim bait.

Please practice catch and release during the spring months. The fish are full of eggs in preparation for the spawn. Take photos and carefully release the fish back into to the lake to maintain a healthy fish population for generations to come.

Catfish: Fair. The catfish will soon be moving to shallow water near rock piles and ledges. In the next few weeks we will start to see more and more cats being caught. Melones cats tend to be fish eaters. Frozen shad, anchovies, sardines, and mackerel work well for bait. The water temperature is warming faster than most years due to lack of rain and extremely warm weather. In past years some giant cats have been caught in shallow water during and a few days after a rain storm.

Crappie: Slow. The crappie bite is right around the corner. We expect a fairly good bite this spring due to the lower water levels and the amount of standing timber. Try fishing with mini jigs and grubs under a slip-float. Also a great way to catch them is with live minnows. We have had a few reports of some pretty nice crappie being caught.

Guide Report From Guide Gary Burns

Glory Hole Sports fishing report , Melones 3-18-13.jpg

With the warming weather the kokanee bite has picked up. In the next couple weeks the bite should continue to get better. The fishing is not on fire but this past week we got into a handful of dinks and landed a couple better fish measuring 12-13″. Uncle Larry’s spinners pink or orange colors worked best. We tipped our lures with white corn and scented them with Pro Cure garlic/bloody tuna. We caught all our fish from 18-26′ deep. See ya on the water

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