Genitically modified fish !

genitically-modified-fish Genitically modified fish !

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It was a bit of a flight of fancy that was prompted by an article I read on the country’s tallest man. He had a growth hormone problem which was rectified by surgery. but, not until he reached 7ft 10in or something like that. This led me to think a fish’s growth hormone could be engineered as well. Then I just went with it. Imagine a commercial lake filled with such fish of all different species. How much would anglers pay to fish it, £30, £50 or a £100. Imagine the publicity it would get. And what could the British Record Committee do with it. It would not stay contained in one lake. The temptation would be too great for a lot of anglers. And if they could pass it on to wild fish in the system, who would know the difference. Today’s science fiction often becomes tomorrow’s reality or nightmare. !

I must admit though, it would make fishing very very interesting. 8lb roach, 40lb barbel, 2lb gudgeon. Its possible I would imagine with today’s scientific knowledge. And given the commercial aspect of such fish, might happen one day.

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