General • Xmas break. Open invite

Well that time is not far away dam silly season is looming but on a positve note i have some time off work. Overtime for my reels. Hell yeah.

From the 24th of December till the 28th i am venturing off to Waikawau Bay with my family ( parents, sister etc.)
From the 28th of December till the 4th i want to target the top of the Coromandel pennusulia. Fantail bay upwards. Most probably set a base camp at fantail bay depending on availability. If no sites are available then my parents place in coromandel town is the back up. 5ha of grounds to camp on.

I would like to pass an open invite to all that my be interested in joining in on the adventure.

If your intrested let me know. [emoji1]

Statistics: Posted by Vikingrick — Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:14 am

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