General • Tauranga yak fishos – advice?

Hey guys, I was running a Lean Six Sigma course in Auckland this week and one of my clients, nice Welsh chappy from Tauranga – was intrigued by my screen saver (same pic as my Avatar) as he had thought about having a go at kayak fishing, but is rather cautious as he doesn’t know much about fishing and hasn’t kayaked much if at all. A good reason for caution but all the more to have a go I reckon!

He has been looking at entry level kayaks ("something cheap to get started") but didn’t know much about them so I armed him with a list of suitable models should he see a good deal around (he’s a fairly big (tall) guy so I suggested Profish, Prowler etc).

I also extolled the virtues of the like-minded folk that inhabit this here forum and suggested if he gets serious to have a look and gather some info (esp safety section). I’m going to flick him a link as encouragement, but is there anywhere he could go and likely bump into any of you fellas to get an idea of what’s what? I remember in my early stages seeing some guys paddling through the cut in Nelson and pulled over to meet them on the beach to get a look at their set ups and it helped me heaps.

I’ll encourage him to jump on and say gidday himself as well of course emoticon-0105-wink General • Tauranga yak fishos - advice? but any suggestions welcome.

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