General • Shoutout to MM and Cameron Sports Imports

Last week I had a disastrous outing which ended up with me going home without fishing and a kayak motor that wasn’t working.
I PM’ed MadMike who I bought the kayak from on Thursday just to get some advice. I was expecting that I’d have to take the kayak and motor console and everything to Cameron Sports Imports, which would take up a few hours of my time, but after explaining the symptoms to him, MM said hold on, we’ll get a new motor console to you.

New unit arrived on Monday and it’s working like a charm! I took it out for a trip this morning and landed a 44cm and 46cm snapper and she went like a dream.

Great service!! A lot easier to get that resolved than I expected. And for the record, I belong to the Old Town Predator Owners Group on FaceBook with over 1000 members and I haven’t seen any other complaints of people having problems with the motor units, so this is not a common problem.

Statistics: Posted by FatherOfMany — Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:41 pm

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