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YakSolo_333 wrote:
Hi Guys,
Been looking for a reasonably priced GPS unit
Anyone uses this unit with maps loaded? any good? and can you mark your fishing spots on it?
Are there any free maps to use or just buy the blue charts on TM?

Have eTrex 20 for few months now
it has standard build in map (land base) and I added topo+marine charts to it for fishing.

it can mark fishing spot and do this and that
BUT… it was too much hassle to actually get it out of my pfd pocket and use it,
or when I do get it out, it wasnt a good fishing spot emoticon-0179-headbang General • Re: e Trex 20.

wish bought FF+GPS combo at the first place emoticon-0179-headbang General • Re: e Trex 20

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