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Thanks Andrew, good to know emoticon-0148-yes General • Re: A new chapter . I’m keen to give the lagoon a bash just for a paddle anyway, it’s extremely beautiful down here but it’d be nice to bag a fish. I did read a book on fly tying, then went and bought some flies emoticon-0148-yes General • Re: A new chapter . Like too many kiwis I hadn’t really been down this part of the island much, had my first look at Tekapo, Alexandrina, and Pukaki last weekend. Bit new to fresh water but better than no fishing at all!

We relocated due to partner’s work requirements, I got hellishly busy for a spell and the poor yaks have been in storage for too long! The mouth of the Rakaia is only 10 kms from my home but most access it via a Quad/Argo down a shingle beach. I’m hoping I can sleuth down the lagoon on the kayak.

Caught up with Little Rob last night, had a few laughs (mostly as the expense of my murfing exploits). Hoping the ‘surfblaster’ doesn’t become one such story… emoticon-0148-yes General • Re: A new chapter

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