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Hi All,
I thought I would share my experience with these things. I don’t believe in this way of fishing but it allows me to take my little one fishing and we struggle to catch a feed with it anyway emoticon-0136-giggle General • Kontiki Experience

I recently spent the money and purchased a Predator GPS kontiki cost me $2,500 so I had big expectations after watching all the promotional videos. Well what a disappointment it was gutless in dead flat sea struggled to get out even 1km and was no way straight enough to hit a bouy like the video shows.
I then visited the factory and they were useless just agreeing that the 44 lb model will only take it out 1km and that they only sell them to sports shops otherwise they sell the 54lb unit to their customers because the 44 lb unit is useless. They couldn’t give me an answer why they continue to sell that model if it can’t do what it is advertised to do.
I did previously have a barracuda one that cost me $995 and the would take it out a km and just as straight.
so in conclusion I would never buy a Predator kontiki, luckily the great customer service from Dave’s Sports in dannevirke meant that they are going to swap it for a GT Kontiki that Dave uses and it actually does what it says emoticon-0136-giggle General • Kontiki Experience

Let me know if you have any questions happy to share

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