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After a few months of turmoil have ended up in Southbridge, just out of Leeston. Nelson was a kayak fishing Mecca by comparison, even with my sporadic successes! I’ve tried surf casting without any luck so far (apart from not falling in which I guess is lucky…) but there’s no way I’ll be launching off the Rakaia beach anytime soon! Spent several hours looking wistfully out to see trying to work out what to do, my Dad builds cannons…..have an idea…..

Quick phone call to Dad with some specs, a week later I’ve got what could be described as a black powder mortar. Fires a 3" dia projectile with a stainless loop built into it. 300gn of FF powder seems to belt it out a couple of hundred yards, hopefully taking my long line with it, attached at my end to an electric fence winder I bought on special at RD1. I’ll try and post a video when we try it for real (only tested in a quarry so far to work out the loads).

I have kept all the kayaks however and plan to troll the lagoon here (first fresh water licence since I was a teenager) which apparently have mullet trout and the odd salmon along it’s 4 km length.

I usually spin fish but a mate has left me one of his fly rods to have a bash with, anyone used these from a kayak? Could you drift with a fly?

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