French firm to build 400 fishing boats in Vietnam

French firm to build 400 fishing boats in Vietnam A model of fishing catamaran proposed by Roy’s Maritime
A French fisheries company will build 400 ‘deep sea’ fishing vessels in Vietnam to help increase the efficiency of offshore fishing, heard an industry seminar June 13 in Ho Chi Minh City.
Roy’s Maritime, a French company, said it will build 400 high-speed fishing vessels with modern equipment to operate in Vietnam.

So far, Vietnam’s fisheries industry has not fully “exploited” its deep sea fish stocks, a huge source of profit, due to outdated equipment and technologies, Vietnamese and French businesses said at the seminar.

Each ship is expected to earn VND367 million a year after costs, with the first ship to be completed this November, according to Roy’s Maritime director René Leporc.

In 2004, Roy’s Maritime sold US$54 million worth of seafood to the European market, in which only $9 million came from Vietnamese products, and the remaining was from China, Malaysia or Indonesia

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