I love the fact that i can talk to people who love my hobby as much as i do, some are experienced and resent alternative input, others just beginning or improving their knowledge love it. We have this enormous pool of info available, venues advice and no nos learned from so many years of experience and mistakes made over the course of years. What a facility, i could not have imagined this as a beginner in the early sixties, we have replaced the traditional tackle shop as the fountain of knowledge, i love talking to you all, even the awkward bar stewards, how did we ever get along without google earth and the net. I just watched a video from Kevin Maddocks busting his English PB twice ten miles up the road from me, not a gutball insight but the stocking programme is not to my taste. My question to you is can we agree a formula for the future and use the net to change policies and the thought patterns of fishery owners and the EA.

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