Florida Fishing forecast report

Florida Fishing forecast report

Saltwater: Weather forecasters have posted a smallcraft warning through Wednesday night along open areas of water as well as the Atlantic.

Port Canaveral and Sebastian Inlet have produced some decent catches of sheepshead, Spanish mackerel and flounder as well as snook at night. At Canaveral, snook have held around the drawbridge, locks, south jetty and Jetty Park Pier. Use live baits at night, especially during high tides. Try free-lining live pinfish or finger mullet. Flounder have held close to structures and along the main channel. Use live baits and jigs worked slowly along the bottom. Sheepshead and a few mangrove snapper have taken live shrimp, sandfleas and fiddler crabs around pilings, rocks and other structures. Mackerel have roamed in and around the port, often following schooling bait.

At Sebastian, anglers have found flounder along both sides of the inlet as well as the mouth and west end. Boaters and shorebound anglers alike have picked up flat-fish with live baits, jigs and weighted spoons. Artificial baits that can be worked along the bottom without spinning in the current have been ideal, especially jigs tipped with some natural bait such as fresh cut shrimp or mullet. Live finger mullet have been ideal in strong currents because of their slim body structure. Pinfish, greenies and shrimp also work when the current is not as strong. Snook have held around the tips of the jetties and catwalks during nighttime outgoing tides. Sheepshead have taken live sandfleas and fiddler crabs around structures, with the best catches coming during slack tide periods. Look for mackerel along the ocean side of the north jetty.

Freshwater: Bass have started to spawn along the Kissimmee Chain of lakes. Anglers have found bedding fish around edges of grass, lily pads and reeds, especially adjacent to hard, sandy bottoms and shellbeds. Fish have averaged 2 pounds, with a few scaling to 8 pounds. Live wild shiners have been the best baits. Try soft plastic baits such as Senko, Gambler, Zoom and Bass Assassin. Light and dark blue patterns are ideal.

— Beth Sinclair, for FLORIDA TODAY

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