Fishing spots New England USA

Freshwater fishing spots in northern tier of northern New England

Maine Chesuncook Lake — After Moosehead and Sebago, Maine’s third-largest lake is Chesuncook, a 26,000-acre flatwater formed by Ripogenus Dam. The lake reaches depths of 150 feet and, aside from a few camps at the south end, remains remote and surrounded by forest. Salmon and trout abound in Chesuncook, and the place to start is Sandy Point along the west shore. Also, anglers trolling around the river mouths do well on the fish feeding on bait. The remoteness of Chesuncook (40 miles from Greenville) makes it a destination trip. Campsites can be reserved at the North Maine Woods office of the forest service.

Baxter State Park — If you come over from Millinocket, it may be a good idea to package the trip with Baxter State Park, which contains at least two good brook trout ponds and is touched by the west branch of the Penobscot River. In this 202,539-acre wilderness park created by Percival Baxter, a former governor of Maine, Round and Rocky ponds are legendary for wild brook trout. They are easy to reach as roads in the park are well maintained. Aside from flatwater, both the Penobscot and Nesowadnehunk Stream — a fly-fishing-only river — offer a variety of brown trout and landlocked salmon.

St. John River — Another wilderness experience, this river flows through the deep forest near the Quebec border and north to a confluence with the Allagash River at Allagash Plantation Village. Access is along gravel logging roads that are well maintained but necessitate sharing with fully loaded semis that move along at a good clip. Still, the remoteness of St. John and Baker Lake make this a real paradise for the sportsman who can be self-sustaining. This is truly one of those places where ”there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do” for the mall-raised generation. The woods are full of moose and bear. A trip to these parts should be carefully planned.

Allagash Wilderness Waterway — The St. John flows into this famous outdoor destination, a hundred-mile sweep of lakes and river that is truly the north country (located hundreds of miles farther than the tips of New Hampshire and Vermont). Most of the Allagash is heavily forested with a few gravel-packed roads. This country is for serious, hard-core sportsmen with real knowledge about life in the deep woods. For any fisherman or outdoorsman who really wants to encounter stunning natural beauty, planning a trip to the Allagash is just the answer.

New Hampshire

Upper Connecticut River — The stretch well north of the White Mountain national forest (which draws summer tourist crowds) is the Upper Connecticut River, which flows through rolling hill country and forms a series of lakes by the same name. The town of Pittsburg is easily reached along Route 2 out of St. Johnsbury, then Route 3 up to Pittsburg. The Upper Connecticut Lakes and Lake Francis comprise this stretch of rugged wilderness and excellent trout fishing

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