fishing report USA

FRESHWATER fishing report USA
Barrett: The 114 anglers checked reported 173 bass, 529 bluegill and 22 crappie, all released. Reservations for July go on sale tonight at 7 through Ticketmaster. Early spawn and low oxygen in the water due to rotting vegetation and high water have made for very tough fishing conditions. Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Chollas: The 331 young anglers (15 and under) reported 51 largemouth bass, 28 rainbow trout, 152 channel catfish, 183 bluegill and 18 carp. Ramon Rodriquez, San Diego, 25 bluegill (all released). Open daily to youngsters 15 and under. San Diego Fly Fishers sponsors a Lend-A-Rod program on Sundays, and it includes free bait and tackle and fishing tips.

Cuyamaca: Whitewater Trout plant spiked the action last week. East Lake still producing some for wading fly fishers, but not as hot as it was. Supervising ranger Willard Lepley predicts one week, two, tops for fishing the rapidly dwindling East Lake. Joseph Entrekin, Ramona, 8-2 bass, Power Bait, Chambers Park. Don Simpson, San Marcos, 6-0 brown trout, Thomas Buoyant, Pumphouse Cove. Donovan Burke, Lakeside, 3-4 rainbow trout, floating worm, East Lake. Brandi Morrison, El Cajon, 3-1 rainbow trout, Pumphouse Cove. Open daily.


Dixon: Night fishing starts tomorrow, with the lake open every Wednesday through Saturday night. Few trout still showing. Open daily.

El Capitan: The 373 fishermen reported 11 bass kept (311 released), 195 crappie, 27 bluegill, 24 channel catfish and 12 blue catfish. Ryan Smith, 7, El Cajon, 6 crappie and 1 blue catfish. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday for fishing, boating and water contact (Jet Skis, wakeboarding and water-skiing).

Henshaw: Good for channel catfish and carp, fair for crappie, bass and bluegill. Steve Bell, Vista, 5 channel catfish, with a 3-0. Sal Mangles, El Cajon, 5 channel catfish, with a 3-8. Charles Sees, Los Angeles, 4-8 bass. David Forest, San Diego, 9 crappie, with a 1-pounder. Open daily.

Hodges: The 90 anglers reported 4 bass kept (46 released), 37 crappie, 13 bluegill, 6 channel catfish. Grace Amato, 5, Escondido, 1.40 crappie, night crawler, North Shore. Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Jennings: Fair for small bass and channel catfish. Bluegill and sunfish also biting. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday; also Friday and Saturday nights for night fishing.

Loveland: The 51 anglers reported 7 bass (all released), 4 channel catfish, 49 bluegill. Open daily.

Miramar: The 160 anglers checked reported 8 bass kept (30 released), 25 rainbow trout, 22 channel catfish and 2 bluegill. Lucas Clasby, 4½, Mira Mesa, 1.13 trout (first fish), night crawler, Buoy Line. Open Saturday through Tuesday.

Morena: Trout fishing remains good near the dam, and big bass making it interesting. Keith Silvia, Lakeside, 11-12 bass (released), spinnerbait. Jo Ducummons, Imperial Beach, 2-2 trout, night crawler. Bluegill and crappie also biting. The boat launch is now open for shallow draft boats. Open daily.

Murray: The 269 anglers reported 8 bass kept (80 released), 581 bluegill and 8 channel catfish. Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Otay, Lower: The 562 anglers checked reported 2 bass kept (106 released), 2,665 bluegill, 145 crappie, 40 channel catfish and 2 redear sunfish. Kevin Jenkins, 6, San Diego, 48 bluegill, largest a 1.35, red worms, Otay Arm. Jim Dugen, National City, 55 bluegill, largest at 1.60, meal worms, Otay Arm. Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Otay, Upper: The 16 fishermen reported 26 bass (all released). Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to catch-and-release fishing, barbless hooks only.

Poway: Leftover trout deep, and bass fishing has been fair for anglers tossing live bait or shad imitation lures. Night fishing starts June 24. Open Wednesday through Sunday.

Santee Lakes: Good catfish action at Lakes 3 and 4. Bass fair at Lake 5. Greg Deerman, 5-0 bass. Nina and Jim Lindsley, several channel catfish in the 4½-to 6-pound range. Lake 2 producing bluegill. Next night fishing event is Thursday, June 23 from 5:30-11:30 p.m. Open daily.

San Vicente: The 227 fishermen reported 31 bass kept (452 released), 504 bluegill, 37 redear sunfish, 28 channel catfish, 7 green sunfish, 6 rainbow trout, 1 crappie. Open Thursday and Friday for fishing, Thursday through Sunday for water contact.

Sutherland: The 100 anglers reported 2 bass kept (43 released), 56 bluegill, 51 channel catfish, 19 crappie and 3 redear sunfish. Edward Espy and Edwin Holiday, San Diego, 57 bluegill, 43.20 with a 1.00. Elisha Hunter, San Diego, 5.0 bass (released). Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sweetwater: The 110 fishermen checked reported 19 bass kept (35 bass released), 19 bluegill, 21 carp, 8 channel catfish and 4 crappie. Open Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Wohlford: Bass action fair, not steady. Doug Hagadorn Jr., Valley Center, 8-2 bass, crankbait, rocks west of Senior Shoreline. Getting stocked with 2,000 pounds of channel catfish tomorrow. Open daily.

Catfish: Dixon and Wohlford, each with 2,000 pounds on Wednesday. Santee Lakes, Thursday, 1,000 pounds.

Pt. Loma Sportfishing, H&M Landing, Fisherman’s Landing: 39 anglers, two full-day boats: 150 albacore; 20 anglers, one 2¾-day boat: 8 yellowtail, 1 mako shark, 160 calico bass, 120 lingcod, 110 red rockfish; 46 anglers, two three-quarter-day boats: 17 calico bass, 48 sand bass, 19 barracuda, 35 rockfish, 70 sculpin; 16 anglers, one half-day boat: 125 calico bass, 6 sand bass, 12 barracuda, 1 lingcod.

Seaforth: 20 anglers, 1½-day boat: 100 albacore; 35 anglers, two three-quarter-day boats: 1 yellowtail, 95 barracuda, 10 calico bass, 44 sand bass, 10 rockfish, 31 whitefish, 2 sculpin; 61 anglers, two half-day boats: 4 yellowtail, 44 barracuda, 48 calico bass, 2 rockfish, 20 mackerel; 16 anglers, one twilight boat: 4 calico bass, 38 sand bass, 2 rockfish.

Islandia: 54 anglers, two half-day boats: 1 yellowtail, 17 barracuda, 36 calico bass, 2 halibut, 2 lingcod, 3 red snapper, 5 rockfish; 13 anglers, two three-quarter-day boats: 1 yellowtail, 20 barracuda, 5 calico bass, 15 sand bass, 4 whitefish, 3 mako shark, 1 white sea bass.

Oceanside: 23 anglers, two three-quarter-day boats: 57 sand bass, 117 calico bass, 41 barracuda; 40 anglers, two half-day boats: 25 sand bass, 16 calico bass, 2 rockfish, 30 barracuda.

Bay Fishing: The father-son team of Dick and Josh Burson caught and released 17 bass, mostly calicos, but a few spotted bay bass and a few short halibut, at the entrance to San Diego Bay, north and south of Zuniga Jetty and in the Point Loma kelp. They used Wham lures.

East Cape: Phil and Pam Bensimon, La Mesa, won the “Let’s Talk Hook-Up Tournament at Rancho Leonero Resort. Mike and Carol McCabe, San Diego, along with Chuck Wortz of Arizona, caught and released two black marlin, five striped marlin and kept six yellowfin tuna. Charlie Ladas landed a 80-pound swordfish.

Cabo San Lucas: Tough fishing due to cooler than normal water. A few marlin, yellowfin tuna keeping anglers from a complete skunk.

WON BASS: Mike Long of Poway and John Kerr of Ramona won the sixth WON BASS San Diego Team Tournament at Lower Otay on Saturday. Their tournament limit of five bass totaled 19.24 pounds with a tournament big fish of 6.55 pounds. Deron Johnson and Jerry Warner were second with five bass weighing 9.50 pounds and earned $920. Rick Crawford and James Toney, third, $1,230 for two bass totaling 8.64 pounds. Fishing was tough, with five of the 38 teams blanking.

Night Tournament: The next El Cajon Ford Night Series Tournament is Saturday at San Vicente. Call Jim Sleight at (619) 447-0244 for information.

Archery: The San Diego Archers’ 38th Annual King Arthur’s Day Tournament is set for Sunday at 9 a.m. at the Rube Powell Archery Range in Balboa Park. Check-in starts at 7 a.m.. Call Julie Stumm at (619) 687-3373 for more information.

Mammoth Adventure: We all saw this coming, but here it is anyway. Mammoth Mountain’s promotion for the Fourth of July is this: Come ski, mountain bike, hike and golf this 4th of July at Mammoth Mountain.” We’ll add fishing, too. They’re throwing in two giant fireworks shows, too, through the weekend. The “second snowiest” season on record (575 feet by May 1) left the area white for the Fourth. Special packages that start at $105 combine skiing on upper Mammoth Mountain, hiking and biking the trails around the lower mountain and teeing it up at nearby Sierra Star Golf Course. The fireworks will be in Mammoth Village on July 2 and at Crowley Lake July 3. Visit or (800) MAMMOTH.

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