fishing report usa

Smitty’s fishing report Beach fish were breaking as far as you could see Thursday evening, with not a boat in sight. A friend fished the local waters and caught 13 fish, each over 36 inches, between the hours of 10 a.m.-noon (smallest fish was 36 inches, largest was 42). Billingsgate was loaded with stripers, most in the 30-plus inch range, with a few in the 40s. Birds were working all over. Most of the fish were caught 30-35 feet deep using deep diving lures or live bait.

Fished the race on Sunday with two friends. We stopped off the gurnet to jig up bait to be used at the race. We could have saved our time as the race was loaded with bait. Both mackerel and herring sometimes coming up with five at a time on the sabiki jigs. We caught our limit of striped bass and also released about another 1/2 dozen or so. There was very little boat traffic at the race. The water was as flat as you ever see it at the race. No sign of the bluefish yet. Reports from the canal say its either hot or cold.

Capt. Charlie Lemieux fished Friday with a charter also reports the bay is loaded with schoolie stripers. He boated a nice 25-pound fish out in front of the gurnet with live mackeral. Also on the trip over to race point Sunday we passed large schools of bait all the way over and back ,also passed over some schools of stripers on the move Looks to be a real good year for fishing if the bait stays around

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