Fishing Report Unseasonably cool weather

Fishing Report Unseasonably cool weather has opened the door to more fishing opportunities. This doesn’t mean we are out of the woods in terms of runoff, for when it does warm up, there is still plenty of snow pack left to come down. Let’s cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t come down all at once or when some of our best hatches begin to appear. Here’s a look at what’s going on now:

· SILVER CREEK—Still our best fishing. The hatches are all over the place in terms of consistency but when hatches of the Pale Morning Dun or Callibeatis appear, a Parachute PMD, PMD Cripple, Thorax Speckled Dun and Crippled Callibeatis #16-18’s, will take fish on the surface.

The most consistent and productive fishing is still using Bead Head or Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph #16 as droppers from a large dry fly or indicator. The Brown Drake has begun to appear in the lower sections of the creek but because of the cooler weather, quantity and effectiveness of the hatch varies from one evening to another. Therefore, if the weather does turn more favorable, we should have the hatch through at least the weekend. It could be very good.

Already, we have had great success using our new Rubber Legs, Hairwing Drake and our special Brown Drake Spinner #10. Also, our Brown Drake Nymph #10 works pre hatch.

· BIG WOOD RIVER—The cool weather has had the greatest effect on the Wood but here I use my words carefully. The water level has dropped and the clarity is very good but you still must select fishing areas such as side channels and slack water carefully, for the main river is still carrying a great deal of water and can be dangerous.

Fly selection has been simple. Big Olive and Yellow Stimulators #8-10 have moved a few fish to the surface but the best success has come from big Bead Head Black or Brown Wooly Buggers #4-6. How long these conditions will last is anybody’s guess but you might take advantage of it while it lasts.

· BIG LOST—Good and unusually large quantities of Crane Flies are reported on the Lost, at just under 1000 cfs, but the high water levels makes the river too difficult to fish. If you can find an open area to cast from the bank using big Crane Fly imitation, it might work. But if you plan to wade the river, your next take-out point will be Arco.

· WARM SPRINGS—Although we haven’t fished the stream, the waters are clear and low enough to fish. If you are venturing out, Standard patterns such as Parachute Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulators and the trusty Prince Nymph #12-14’s, just might bring some success.

· PENNY LAKE/LAKE CREEK—Both bodies of water should have enough fish in them to be producing quite well. Flies, bait and a variety of spinner should do the job and is still the best place to take kids. Keep them away from the Wood and even Warm Springs could be a little nasty.
by Bill Mason

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