Fishing Report Pahrump,NV,USA

Fishing Report Pahrump,NV,USA


Rising temperatures, winds and fairly slow fishing continue throughout the lake and the combination of these factors has resulted in very few anglers at the lake in recent days.

Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) creel census clerks saw 11 thin striped bass over the weekend that were caught at Hemenway Fishing Point. Stripers also are being caught in the Vegas Wash Arm with anchovies and top water lures.

One angler told NDOW that over the weekend he saw stripers slurping for shad outside of Horsepower Cove. At this time of year, it is not uncommon to see stripers feeding on very small shad on the lake’s surface.

An angler fishing for stripers Tuesday morning at Hemenway Point, Pumphouse Cove and Government Wash had no luck. He told NDOW that very few anglers were fishing that morning.


Good success was found by most of the 50 anglers who were at Willow Beach Friday for the weekly rainbow trut plant. Many anglers were able to catch five or six fish by casting gold spoons and fishing with PowerBait.

Sally Brooms of Searchlight Boat and RV Storage said boaters who were fishing on the Arizona side of the lake above Cottonwood Cove had fair success for channel catfish. Striped bass are still being caught above and below Cottonwood Cove.


Even though windy weather has been hampering the fishing, the area is still attracting fairly large crowds of anglers. Anglers have been catching rainbow trout at Cold Springs and Haymeadow Reservoirs that range from 13 to 14 inches, and there have been a few trout taken that are around 18 inches.


One fortunate angler who was fishing in the stream below the reservoir recently caught a 30-inch brown trout that weighed nine pounds. He reported seeing a rainbow trout in the stream that was about the same size but he couldn’t entice it to bite. Anglers who fish the stream should be very cautious because rattlesnakes frequent the area.

Anglers have had fair luck recently for stocked rainbow trout by fishing with PowerBait. Flies that are cast early in the morning and late in the afternoon are taking trout as well.

Some aquatic vegetation is beginning to appear in the lake, but it is not as bad as it typically is at this time of year.


Stocked rainbow trout and small largemouth bass are being caught. Very few crappie have been seen in the catch during the past week.


Anglers reported a noticeable drop in success for stocked catfish in all urban ponds following the heavy pressure of Free Fishing Day.

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