Fishing Report – NORTHEAST TEXAS

Fishing Report – NORTHEAST TEXAS
WRIGHT PATMAN: Water clear; 82-86 degrees. Black bass are slow. Crappie are fair on tube jigs and live minnows in 15 feet around heavy cover. Catfish are good on trotlines baited with small perch and on rod and reel in 10-15 feet on live minnows and punchbait.

BOB SANDLIN: Water clear; 82-85 degrees; 2.75′ low. Black bass are good on top waters over shallow grass early, later switching to Carolina-rigged centipedes around the outside edge of vegetation. Crappie are fair at night around the old submerged Highway 21 Bridge. White bass are fair on slabs in 15-20 feet. Catfish are good on a variety of catfish baits over baited holes in 15-20 feet.

CADDO: Water clear; 81-85 degrees; 0.75′ low. Black bass are fair to good on plastic worms and top waters during early morning around the edge of lily pads. Bass up to 8 pounds landed on soft plastics around isolated cypress trees in 6 feet. Crappie are good on live minnows around brush in 6-8 feet on the submerged river ledges. White bass are fair in Big Lake around shallow submerged humps. Channel catfish are good on small live bream and on punch bait around baited holes. Warmouth (goggle eye) and bream are good on worms under a floater fished along the edge of lily pads in 6 feet. Bream are good on bits of nightcrawlers along the edge of lily pads.

FORK: Water clear 82-86 degrees; 1.75′ low. Black bass are fair to good during early morning around shallow grass beds close to creek channels, the mouth of creeks are top spots to target. Night fishing is good on black spinnerbaits and 10-inch black worms around shallow grass beds. Channel catfish are excellent on Danny King’s Punchbait in 12-20 feet around holes baited with soured milo.

LAKE O’ THE PINES: Water stained; 82-86 degrees; 1.97′ low. Black bass are fair during early morning on top waters and buzz baits around lily pads. Crappie are slow. White bass are fair on slabs in 18-20 feet around main lake channels. Flathead catfish are good in 15 feet on trotlines and jug lines baited with live perch. Channel catfish are good on prepared baits in baited holes.

MONTICELLO: Water clear; 83 degrees upper end, 100 degrees at hot water discharge; normal pool. Black bass are fair at night on large dark color worms fished close to creek channels around the railroad bridge. Crappie are slow. Channel catfish are good on punch bait in 10-20 feet.


MILLWOOD LAKE: Largemouth bass are best early and late on Bass Assassin Shads in salt and pepper, rainbow trout and baby bass colors, Johnson gold spoons with Spilt-Milk white grub trailers. Firecracker-colored War Eagle spinnerbaits are taking some nice largemouths in the pad edges, grass lines and vegetation.

LAKE COLUMBIA: Conditions haven’t changed much from last week. Crappie are biting fair in 10 to 12 feet of water on shiners and silver crankbaits. Bass fishing is good in 6 to 8 feet of water on tequila sunrise and Junebug colored soft-plastics. Bream are good in 3 to 4 feet on crickets and red wigglers.

LAKE ERLING: Conditions haven’t changed much from last week. The lake is low and fishing is extremely slow. Catfish are fair on chicken livers. Some bass are being caught on larger-size soft-plastics.

WHITE OAK LAKE: The lake is clear and at normal levels. Crappie fishing is excellent on minnows and jigs fished near the shallow brush piles. Bass fishing is good on soft-plastic worms fished in the brush.

LAKE GREESON: The water is dropping. Bream fishing is poor, with a few fish being caught on crickets in 5 to 8 feet of water. Bass are schooling early and late in the day and are being caught on crankbaits and top-water lures during the feeding frenzy. Catfishing is fair on minnows and chicken livers.

DEGRAY LAKE: The lake is murky and low. Bream fishing has been good on worms and crickets. Bass are biting well early in the morning, with a few small schools showing up near the dam right before sunup. Catfishing is fair. DeGray Lake Resort Marina said hybrids are good in the deep water around the middle of the lake on live shad.

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