Fishing report Navada

Fishing report Navada

LAKE MEAD: Hot weather, rainstorms and mediocre fishing for striped bass have been found during the past week by anglers who have braved the elements to cast a line.
Boaters continue to enjoy good action while shore anglers are still waiting for the stripers to move close to the shoreline. Many anglers are now fishing at night in order to avoid the scorching summer heat.

Anglers continue to catch stripers and channel catfish with anchovies in the Las Vegas Wash Arm. Boaters who are cruising the lake in search of boils are finding the fish on the surface feeding for shad, but the boils have involved very small numbers of fish and have been short in duration.

Several anglers fishing from a boat in the Overton Arm over the weekend caught 60 stripers at Ann Marguret Cove. The fish were caught with anchovies.

LAKE MOHAVE: Excellent fishing for striped bass that weigh one to two pounds has been taking place around Cottonwood Cove. Boaters who were fishing approximately three miles below Cottonwood Cove on the Arizona side of the lake caught 80 stripers last Friday while fishing with anchovies and squid.
Russ Randolph of Searchlight recently caught a 5-pound, 2-ounce largemouth bass in a cove near Cottonwood. The fish fell to a rubber worm.

Willow Beach was scheduled to be stocked with rainbow trout today from Willow Beach Hatchery.

KIRCH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA: The area has been hit with temperatures that have topped 100 degrees. Even so, fishing was fair over the weekend for rainbow trout, including a few that were 17 inches or more.
A pair of anglers fishing last week at Adams-McGill Reservoir caught three trout that were 17-18 inches. Those fish were located in the channel.

Anglers have had sporadic success for largemouth bass while fishing in the early morning and late afternoon hours. Mosquitoes are a problem in the evening.

EAGLE VALLEY RESERVOIR: Very few people were in the campground over the weekend because of the combination of thunderstorms and slow fishing. Weed growth in the water has been causing some problems for anglers.

ECHO CANYON RESERVOIR: Some small largemouth bass and crappie have been caught in the upper end of the lake recently. Otherwise, fishing has been slow. The lake’s water level continues to drop.

URBAN PONDS: Park ponds were stocked with channel catfish on July 19, so fishing should be fair. The next plants will be held in mid-August

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