Fishing Report Marshall county

Bitter, Linn Lakes Best For Walleyes

Fishing has been slow in the Marshall County area, but Linn and Bitter Lakes stood out as bright spots in the past week.

“It’s tough going out there, but Bitter and Linn Lakes seem to be the places to go for walleyes,” said Jeff Olson of Charlie’s Resort on Cottonwood Lake. “I talked to guys having success just floating leeches on Linn. But otherwise, there’s not much going on. There’s a little variety being caught on all the lakes.”

Olson said the walleyes being caught were good “eating size” and measured in the 17-20-inch range. Anglers were having success just about any time of the day. He said just about every lake was producing a few fish but that the smaller lakes were “pretty weeded up right now.”

Tom Opsahl of Roykota Resort on Roy Lake reported somenice smallmouth bass being caught on Roy Lake, including a 23-inch lunker. “But other than that, fishing is really poor,” said Opsahl. “You don’t hardly see a boat out. Everybody’s playing golf.”

Opsahl noted that the water temperature at Roy Lake was reported to be 84 degrees, and he predicted when temperatures cool fishing should improve

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