Fishing Report Idaho

Fishing Report Idaho – Although the fishing has been decent, I think the best is to come. This week the door could open and all hell might break loose. Water levels are improving and new hatches are about to appear, making for the right conditions for some great fishing. Let’s take a look at what might happen:

· SILVER CREEK—For the last month, hatches have been scattered and fish production is up and down on a day to day basis. This is about to change and that’s because this week I’ll seriously begin to look for Trico. If there is one hatch that kicks off and solidifies the creek, it’s this one—and July 20 is when it begins to appear. So get your alarm clocks out and fill your fly boxes with Dave’s Trico Spinner #22, our Hi-Vis Cutwing Trico #22, a few Trico Duns #22 for fishing early, pre-spinner fall and even a few Trico Nymphs for assured success. Mixed in with Trico or immediately following the spinner fall, the little Beatis spinner will also appear. Mason Quill Beatis Spinner #22 will be needed to take fish. Except for some Callibeatis spinners in the ponds and sloughs, the afternoons should be quiet.

· BIG WOOD RIVER—A tough stream to call. But I do feel it is the lull before the storm. For the last couple of weeks, fishing has been very good but limited. Water levels have been high enough that only portions of the stream could be fished successfully. As a result, there are a great many fish yet to see a fly. As water levels have been gradually dropping daily, this could be the week that the river begins to open up and the fishing could soar. Except for evening Caddis, many of our early, big hatches have slipped by. But it shouldn’t make any difference. Standard fly patterns should do the job. Regular and Yellow Parachute Adams #12-16, Parachute Hares Ear #12-16, Gulper Specials #14-16 and small Olive Simulators #16, should work. Bead Head Prince Nymphs and Bead Head Pheasant Tails #12-14 are also effective. For evenings, Partridge Caddis #14-16 as well as Rusty Spinners #14, should work nicely.

· COPPER BASIN—Because water levels have been too high, we really have not fished the East Fork. But as levels have dropped, it might be worth a shot. Unfortunately, because we have no current info, you are on your own on this one.

· BIG LOST—Clearly, water levels are telling me that irrigation is in full swing. With the abundance of water in the reservoir, it could be that way for some time to come. At 814 cfs, the river is still too tough to fish and the great Trico hatches we enjoy in August, might get swept away, going totally unnoticed.

· WARM SPRINGS/TRAIL CREEK—Warm Springs has been fishing quite well using standard patterns such as Para Adams #14-16 and Yellow Para Adams in the same size. Prince Nymphs #12-14 are also effective. Trail Creek has come into shape and should fish well using the same flies.

· PENNY LAKE/LAKE CREEK—A great place to take kids for stocked fish. Flies, bait and spinners will all work well
by Bill Mason

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