Fishing Report Idaho

Fishing Report Idaho Fishing is good but despite my last week’s prediction, you have to work at it. Last week’s full moon didn’t help either and with it shrinking in size, I think the upcoming week should be fruitful. Let’s take a look:

· SILVER CREEK—Trico is in full swing and fishing is very good but difficult, as only Trico can be. Parachute Trico Duns #22, Dave’s Trico Spinner #22 and our Hi- Viz Trico Spinner #22 will all take fish. Mixed in with or at the tail end of Trico is the small Beatis Spinner and a Mason Quill Spinner #22 works nicely on those fish working on them. In addition, Callibeatis Spinners are still around and a Partridge Spinner #16 can be a nice relief from fishing the smaller flies of Trico and Beatis. I would also begin looking for PMD Spinners as well.

· BIG WOOD RIVER—Water levels are good and the fishing has been decent but as I have mentioned above, you have to work at it to be successful. A variety of fly patterns are taking fish and most will fall in the category of “tried and true” standards. Regular and Yellow Parachute Adams #14 & 16, and particularly, a Hares Ear Parachute #14-16 are talking fish. Prince Nymphs, Copper Jon’s and a Bead Head Pheasant Tail #14-16 are working subsurface. I look for a better week on the Wood so it could be the place of choice to wet a line.

· COPPER BASIN—Water levels are down and we had some good reports from the East Fork. Although the great July hatches have probably gone through, fish are being taken on Parachute Adams #14-16, Regular Adams #12, Green Drakes #12 and Yellow Stimulators #14. Prince Nymphs are also working.

· BIG LOST—Still carrying a lot of water but certainly getting better enough to fish in selected places. Prince Nymphs #8-10 and Copper Jon’s #10 are effective. Because the big Craneflies are out, various Cranefly patterns will work as well.

· WARM SPRINGS/TRAIL CREEK—Both are fishing very well. Although the fish are smaller in size with an occasional nice one coming to your fly, they are active and they seem to be in good quantity. Para Adams, #16, Para Hares Ear #16, Royal Wulffs #14 and Prince Nymph #14 will all move fish.

· PENNY LAKE/LAKE CREEK—A great place to take kids to catch planted fish. Flies bait and Spinner seem to all work
Fishing Report – by Bill Mason

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