fishing last weekend??

So I’ve got the weekend planned out
Saturday Her Ladyship is out all day and No 1 son is out from 12 o’clock – I planned to drop him off then go fishing

Sunday – shooting in the morning , round to my sisters in the afternoon

How it worked out – Saturday morning 10 o’clock my fishing buddy phones up and says it’s raining like mad he’s not fishing – I am undecided, load card with gear , take drop off son and decided the rains too heavy so go home

1 o’clock my mate phones to say he’s going now as weather is fine and sun is shinning, I load up car and heavens open – after 2 or 3 heavy showers I unload card and give up – phone mate and say – Let’s go sunday

Sunday cancel shooting plans, load with fishing gear and set off – heavy rain , turn back home

I kept looking at weather and at 1 o’clock finally give up the idea of fishing at the weekend

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