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Fishing industry hopes for filleting regulation change
The Queensland Seafood Industry Association says proposed changes to regulations to allow more commercial operators to fillet their catch will help the profitability of the industry.

The association’s president John Olsen says the changes will allow a return to traditional skills in the fishing industry.

He is hopeful the Government will act on the proposals.

“We’ve been filleting fish in the commercial sector for decades and it’s something the industry has been wanting to see happen,” Mr Olsen said.

“The discussion paper is out there and we look forward to the Government recognising the department has made the right choice and put it into place.”

He says any possible changes to the regulations will increase the amount of fresh fillets available to consumers.

“It’ll reinvigorate the domestic marketplace…it’ll help fishers in the coral reef fishery get back to some basic commonsense fishing practices and it’ll improve their profitability.”

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