Fishing forecast florida

Fishing forecast florida

Saltwater: When anglers can find baitfish nearshore — specifically greenies, pogies or glass minnows — tarpon, sharks, kingfish and bonita probably are a good bet. Lately, anglers between Port Canaveral and Sebastian Inlet have not found many schooling baitfish or predatory fish that normally roam shorelines during this time of the year.

Anglers farther north and farther south, near Daytona and to the south between Vero Beach and Fort Pierce, have seen some baitfish. Tarpon averaging 70 to 90 pounds, bonita scaling to 15 pounds and black-tip and spinner sharks to about 50 pounds have been typical around these schools of bait. On occasion, Spanish mackerel, cobia and a few kingfish have been found as well.

Nearshore reefs and ledges have produced some lobster for divers and some snapper. Try depths between 20 and 60 feet east of Sebastian and Fort Pierce inlets for mangrove, lane and mutton snapper. Mutton snapper must be at least 16 inches in length to keep. Be careful when releasing the short snapper. Live baits such as mojarras, greenies, menhaden and cigar minnows have been ideal to target these nearshore snapper. Fresh cut baits also are effective, but anglers might need to use light tackle to fool these wary fish into striking dead baits.

Freshwater: Bass averaging less than 4 pounds have been active around cypress trees, outside edges of grass lines and near running water at Lake Blue Cypress, between Vero Beach and Yeehaw Junction. Fish to 8 pounds were taken during this past weekend, and most ranged from 1 to 3 pounds.

Live wild shiners, top-water plugs and poppers, spinner baits and a variety of soft jerk baits have been good choices. Senko brand plastic worms and Zoom’s Horny Toad soft plastic frogs still are favorites. A white spinner bait and chrome-finished Rat-L-Traps or crankbaits have been tough to beat around waterflow.

Bluegill have been active at the lake, especially around Mudfish Slough, the residential canals and Big M Canal. Use small popping bugs, Beetle Spins and live crickets.

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