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Generally speaking, the biggest percentage mark ups are on the smaller and cheaper items of tackle and bait. That’s the reason that some small local tackle shops aren’t stocking too much in the way of rods and reels, especially top end stuff. They know that they’ll get hammered on price by the big players on the net. Better to turn over lots of little bits than get stuck with higher priced items. When it comes to poles, particularly top end stuff, tackle shops make surprisingly little percentage mark up. Bulky and/or perishable stuff, like baits, are an absolute godsend for tackle shops. Not much in the way of competition, no one minds much if such items are fractionally more expensive locally and postage tends to kill the option of buying the odd kilo of groundbait or boilies on line. An indication of this sort of thing in action is the way that some tackle shops have taken to selling maggots as a loss leader, at around a pound a pint, just to get some footfall through the door. That sort of price might suggest how much mark up there really is on a pint of maggots.

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