Fish deaths prompt investigation

Fish deaths prompt investigation
A series of fish deaths in a Guernsey reservoir has led to an investigation by a water firm.
About 30 carp have been found dead in St Saviour’s reservoir between January and April this year.

Some of the dead fish have been sent to the UK for laboratory analysis and a survey has been commissioned.

The survey, by the AGA Group of Aquatic and Environmental Consultants, is to be carried out next month and will look at fish stocks’ health and population.

Guernsey Water said the survey was the first of its kind and was being considered an “essential tool in ensuring the continued health of the fish population”.

Director of Water Services Andrew Redhead said it would help the company come up with an effective management strategy for the future.

He said: “It will help us learn more about aquatic life within this important body of water before the main water treatment process.”


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