First week of close season. How did you get on?

Avoided a blank by the narrowest of margins!

Enjoyed a day yesterday with a mate on an unfamiliar gravel pit, I reckon the lack of a single other angler along with clouds of passing overhead cormorants should have held a clue but the going was hard to say the least.

I fished a chopped worm and groundbait feeder and thought I was on to a winner when the rod was practically wrenched off the rest after around half an hour by…

A 1lb hyrid! (and it had maul scars)

My mate fished a sleeper rod for carp/bream along with a maggot feeder on his other rod but failed to get a single bite in eight hours which meant twenty four rod hours between us for a single bite!

Still, I enjoyed one of the nicest bankside kips around midday for the best part of an hour after reeling in and sitting back in the sunshine until I woke myself up snoring…

Best make that twenty three rod hours.

I’m still arguing the point that I actually caught two fish as it was a roach/bream hybrid but my mate’s having none of it…

Well done on the win Simon

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