Fiiish Crazy Sandeel.

Our shop has just got these in and they are really doing the business for bass here.

I’ve always been a Xorus Sayori fan, made my own for years and they’ve done me very well.

But side by side with the Fiiish sandeel and they come a very poor second.

The swimming action is very subtle with the Crazy, more manic with the Sayori.

Same with the Fiiish Black Minnow, absolutely awesome results.

Trouble is I have a strange inbuilt repulsion to buying anything so hyped up as Fiiish lures.

I refuse to use them, even when offered for free.

Sure they seem like absolute killer lures, but at a vastly inflated price.

The company has made an superb winning design in both lures, then produces them in the most fragile plastic (?) known to man so you keep on buying more.

The softness is certainly a factor in their effectiveness, but practically a lure per fish is crazy, literally!

Maybe I’m getting a subconcious high from catching on my homemade Sayoris.

I’ll have to make a Crazy Sandeel mould!

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