figuring out what you’ve spent

I have my back bay skiff for sale – there was a "discussion" over the boat ,discussion was,how it could possibly be that much ? isn’t it way overpriced ?

being in the marine biz,i have a pretty good grasp of what things cost…

I sat down and totaled it up :

ever figure out what you’ve spent on your skiff ?

this is a Carolina skiff J 16 – a NEW hull,NEW power,NEW trailer – rigged to fish

the hull – the cheap part,$2,260 – that’s what these can be found for,NEW ! motor: let’s use a Yamaha,we all love Yamaha power – an F 25 will be a great power set up for that hull – $3100 we’re gonna need a trailer,a loard rite 16/1200 will work well -$800 now,we’re gonna have to rig it up…. we want a nice front casting deck – $365 we’d really like to have an aft deck with 2 wells,one for storage,one for a livewell – $450 we’re gonna need a seat,and a way to conceal the battery,for the electrical system – hmm,custom part time $350 we’d like a grab bar and a console on that grab bar $205 we’d like an AGM deep cycle battery,to power the electrical system $250 we’d also like stern corners/downrigger mounts – $200 we need lites,forward and aft navigation lites,a livewell pump and pick up,wiring,switches,auto bilge pump,misc connectors,electrical supplies,rigging tubes,thru hulls for livewell and bilge pump,proper hosing,clamps,misc hardware – $500 we really need a set of smart tabs,carolina skiff recommends these $100
last thing we need is a GPS/fish finder unit – $275 hmmm….that’s a lot of stuff…wow !! let’s add it up,shall we ?? $8855 ! wow ! hmmm we forgot tax and resistration fees too hmmmm..well,close enough …$8,800 for a 16′ skiff with a 25hp four stroke motor and a trailer ?? no way ??
notice we left an important number out ?? that would be labor – the time you put into putting something together – rigging things the correct way,so seating/decking.and various equipment doesn’t "pull out".any boat with a composite core,requires a specific technique to install to follow that technique,the end result will be "pulled" fasteners…
wiring accessories the correct way,so you’re not repairing failed connections every other day – sure you can simply crimp and leave the connections alone,but to install the correct way/the "clean way" takes time…

"labor" – that’s one part you will NEVER get back – that doesn’t count….

in my world,$8,800 is $9,000,almost $10K to put together a bad ass back bay rig,new wow !! hard to believe huh ??

I’ve left a few things out – like the awlgrip and other items used,but,you get the idea

I’ve used top of the line equipment/supplies – you can use whatever you wish

wow – a $2200 hull all the way to $9,000 😮

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