Fall chinook runs..

Precisely what the “ticket promoters” want–more buyers! If sales are low; then CREATE them with hype. My bet is that, these “reports” of such “large” runs are fictitious.

Just my .02…………

LOL, while I absolutely respect your viewpoint, it is hard to believe there is a conspiracy between “State, federal and tribal fish managers” to inflate their prediction just to create hype ohyeah Fall chinook runs..

and we know that these predictions come with wide statistical scatter but I get real happy when that group of experts crunch their data and report that they “expect 1.6 million fall chinook salmon to head for the mouth of the Columbia this summer” and “add to that a huge forecast of 964,000 coho salmon to the Columbia”.

I also like to see comments from people outside the prediction group…“If there is ever a year folks want to take time off and catch fish, this would be the year,’’ said Robert Moxley, a member of the bistate Columbia River Recreational Adviser Group. “I’m more excited than you can possibly imagine.’’

it sounds like, if the runs are really strong, much of the credit will go to tribal fisheries/hatcheries operations and fish friendly dam operations, plus good ocean conditions. this last item has me hoping for strong coastal runs of kings and coho, can’t wait to collect my own data on this ohyeah Fall chinook runs..

all in all, I like all this much better than a prediction of weak fall runs…cheers, roger

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