Eyed Rainbow trout eggs for pond

OK. Not sure where to post this but someone on here must have raised their own trout.  

Did this back in the 80s and kick starting it again.   

Anyway, ordered my eyed eggs. Brookies and Rainbows.  The rainbows started developing this nasty fungus about hatching time.  Killed almost every one.  Brookies not hatched yet. But a lot of the eggs have the fungus too. Not nearly as many with them however.


Has anyone ever had that problem and what did you do to remedy or prevent it?  

All eggs are still in basket in a 250G tank.  Plenty of oxygen, temp’s, etc.   I think I should have washed them in betadine when I first got them and I did not.  Also at first notice, maybe the hydrogen peroxide treatment.  I’m doing that now but its virtually too late I think. Just thinking about the brookies is all. 


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