EU Fishing Talks Spark Protests

EU Fishing Talks Spark Protests
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EU Fishing Talks Spark Protests


Associated Press

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Fishermen closed off two French ports and environmentalists dumped dead fish in front of the European Union headquarters Monday on the eve of crucial talks on catch limits for threatened species in EU waters.

The 25 EU fisheries ministers open what is usually a marathon negotiating session Tuesday t discuss proposals that would enforce unprecedented closures of northern fishing grounds to safeguard cod and other endangered species.

The proposals from the EU’s head office would ban cod fishing in huge areas of the North Sea off Britain and Scandinavia and parts of the Baltic Sea.

In northern France, a traditional hotbed of activists, fishermen closed off the ports of Boulogne-sur-Mer and Dunkirk to protest the plans. There also were slowdown actions in the port of Calais.


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