egg sac tying

My original spawnee egg sac tying machine and I were banished to the basement in the fall of 1985 by my mother who was sick and tired of the egg goo encrusted mess on the dining room table. I know I am not alone when I think back through the years about all the “secret” recipes, color combinations and the feeling you get when your sacs are the hot ticket that day. I thought I would share a few winning combos in hopes of learning a few from you folks too. Today’s tying session found me without any chartreuse netting left so I improvised…..for me, this seemingly obvious idea had been staring at me for 30 years yet I never tried it. I always have a heap of cut up netting and thread laying around. “What if I roll up bits of that old netting and tie it right in the white sacs?” On the first drift today I hooked up immediately with a teeny ball of chartreuse netting inside the white egg sac shell along with the eggs. 6 fish later, I was out of that pattern and the bite ceased. Lastly, I found this awesome moldable modeling foam ball stuff at the dollar tree in tge craft section. Way cheaper than tackle store sac floats and you can actually mold them into your sacs. Worked mint for bottom bouncing and seems to hold shape too. What tips do you have?

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