East Cape – Breaking Bad

East Cape – Breaking Bad

Every morning I have been seeing ospreys working for their breakfast. It is an incredible sight watching them fish. The chirp they make communicating with their mate is very distinctive and easy to recognize. These resident ospreys are just one of many pelagic birds that reside on the East Cape.

Angling for the birds (no pun intended) has been much better than for fishermen. There have been reports of a few yellowtail being landed and also an occasional dorado and striped marlin. Only the very dedicated have been rewarded as the bite just hasn’t been consistent.

Air temperature has been very comfortable and there has not been the chill in the air we normally experience this time of year. The North winds have been pretty consistent blowing 4 or 5 days a week but it has not had the force we sometimes encounter. In years past strong wind has caused a shore pound that makes it feel like our house is shaking. We have also had a couple days of rain with more forecasted for next week. It almost feels more like SO CA weather than Baja.

I’m a little sad to have more to say about our weather than the fishing but it is just the way it is this time of year.

All of our boat maintenance has been completed and we are locked and loaded waiting for spring when our season starts. In the meantime I am scrounging around looking for projects that need attention. Our 4 wheel loader is an important piece of equipment in our fishing operation. Sitting near the beach all the time it was getting pretty weather beaten so I decided to give it a face lift. It turned out to be a much bigger job than anticipated. It took us 4 days to clean off years of grease and sludge build-up, a day applying metal prep, a day to shoot primer and another day to shoot top coat.

I posted a photo on our Jen Wren Sportfishing Facebook page of myself in the protection gear we wear when working with hazardous materials and received a couple of very funny comments.

east-cape-breaking-bad East Cape - Breaking Bad

Fishing is for the birds

east-cape-breaking-bad East Cape - Breaking Bad

A blue heron at first light

east-cape-breaking-bad East Cape - Breaking Bad

The “before” image of our Caterpillar 980 loader.

east-cape-breaking-bad East Cape - Breaking Bad

The primer coat.

Dave Roberts commented “Breaking Bad Baja style” Ryan Van Fleet commented “The Cook”.

east-cape-breaking-bad East Cape - Breaking Bad


east-cape-breaking-bad East Cape - Breaking Bad

Shrimpers in the hood.
Woke up the other morning to find five of them anchored in our front yard.

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