Down riggers wire.

A couple of years ago my wife bought me a couple of Scotty Downriggers. I really like them and have increased my catch rate for kings a bit. I will admit they were for the ocean however unless that ocean is pretty calm I don’t go out. I had enough of those waters when I was an small boat engineer in the Navy. Now that that is cleared up on to my question, I use my downriggers in the river and can guide my bait right through where the fish are holding and have picked up some nice fish that way. My problem is the wires have a tendency to sing and I am curious as to how much that affects the fish. I am in the process of changing over to braided line because I have had troubles with the steel wire wrapping around and putting the downriggers out of business for the day and ruining a fishing day. Another nice thing about them is I can place my bait right above the weeds so the fish can see the bait n flashers and I have less trouble with the weeds etc. So does the singing wires deter the fish from biting.



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