Dexter Res, 11/15/15 fishing report from a newb

Last night, I used the search function on this forum and took notes from previous posts on fishing Dexter Res from the bank. Realized where I wanted to focus my efforts… on the road going from Hwy 58 to Lowell, with the covered bridge.

I got up there shortly after sun-rise and fished near the covered bridge on the South bank (Hwy 58 side). Used one pole with a small weight and powerbait. The other pole had a small weight and worm. The powerbait got hit almost immediately (chartreuse with sparkles) and I reeled in a 13" rainbow planter.

After some time with no further bites, I moved under the bridge and tried that area with powerbait, worms, small spinners and salmon roe sacks.

Had several nibbles with the worms. I realized that I still need to learn how/when to set the hook, what size hook to use for this bait/time of year. Was using a #6 baithook. I realized that I was getting tentative, uncommitted nibbles instead of the hard strikes that I was used to in the summer.

I’m online tonight taking notes from forums, youtube and blogs on when/how to set your hook, winter trout and using worms.

Just waiting for steelhead to pick up and learn by experience trying for them…


Any tips for Dexter, winter trout (or any other species), using worms, ect is completely welcome!

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