Deschutes steelhead trip

I’ll be going to the Deschutes to swing flies on 11/27. In anyone would like to join they are more than welcome. Any last minute advise or reports from anyone who has fished the river lately?

I would love advise as where to start out. I’m stuck between going to warm springs vs driving down the blm road below Maupin. I hear the river is full of fish, but one of the shops I talked to said that the upper river is full of Hatchery fish that are dark ( as they’ve been in the system for a while), they said it like its a bad thing, but they also said the Hatchery fish don’t eat on the swing like the wild fish do. Is this true?. Personally I don’t care if I’m chasing dime bright or colored up, both are beautiful fish and I would love to hook up.

Any advise, speculation or opinions are greatly appreciated.

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