Daymaker fishing charters, Jensen Beach report 3-13

Split charter catches nice dolphin, missed wahoo, saw blue marlin

Report Date: March 9, 2014

Today we fished a split charter and because of the poor conditions inshore found ourselves outside of 800ft again today. We ended up having 10 mahi bites catching 6 from 12-18lbs. We also pulled a wahoo off on the planer rod. While fishing on an edge in 920ft of water where we were catching some mahi we saw a blue marlin tailing down sea. We ended up getting in front of him and he fired on our dredge before quickly disappearing out of sight. Unfortunately we never had a bite from her.

Amazing weather iffy and great conditions, tough fishing

Report Date: March 10, 2014

Today we fished with Angela and Sid. We started the day running offshore where we had been having some decent dolphin fishing the last 3 days or so. We found some amazing conditions offshore including edges with grass, a bamboo tree, cargo net, crab pot buoys with rope. All great things that were holding bait and usually hold mahis and wahoo. But we only managed to catch 1 out of 2 mahi bites out in the deep. We still had South tide out to 800ft which is highly unusual for this area. We tried making some drops for Snowy Grouper but they were not biting with the cold water and south tide. Inshore we went with still no further trolling bites. We went sea bass fishing and caught a bucket of sea bass and 5 sharks including a 250lb Sand Bar shark

daymaker-fishing-charters-jensen-beach-report-3-13 Daymaker fishing charters, Jensen Beach report 3-13

Ton of effort with little reward, but still popped a sailfish cherry

Report Date: March 11, 2014

Today we fished our charter with Warren and his son Scott. Warren told me over the phone he would love for his son Scott to catch his first sailfish. That can be a tall order this time of year despite the fact there are some around but the firs gods were on our side and our first bite of the day was Scott’s first sailfish. It was a big fish by sailfish standards close to 80lbs I would guess. We trolled on some amazing weed lines for a while with no action from anything else. We even found a pallet floating which is usually a golden ticket to great mahi and wahoo fishing this time of year. We ended up tacking offshore and making a couple of drops for golden tiles but they were not biting. Back to trolling we went. No more bites so ran in to look for cobia. We found some and caught 3 Cobia to 24lbs. The other two were too small to keep. Ran inshore from there to look for Permit but the water quality was poor so we bent the rod on some Jacks to wrap the day up.

daymaker-fishing-charters-jensen-beach-report-3-13 Daymaker fishing charters, Jensen Beach report 3-13daymaker-fishing-charters-jensen-beach-report-3-13 Daymaker fishing charters, Jensen Beach report 3-13

1/2 day fishing charter boxes some Mahi Mahi

Report Date: March 12, 2014

Today we fished with Norman and his guest on a 1/2 day Stuart Fl fishing charter. Charter fishing for Mahi Mahi we ended up hooking 5 and catching 4 dolphin on our 1/2 day trolling charter. All the fish weighed between 10 and 16lbs.

A great 1/2 day fishing charter out of Stuart Fl

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