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Daily fishing report The weather forecaster was on the money Thursday, calling for east winds around 10 knots, increasing in the late afternoon. We decided to limit the depth we would fish in to 70 feet in case the wind arrived earlier.

Bait schools with a mix of threadfins, small blue runners, and Spanish sardines were near the Treasure Island artificial reef and the baitwell filled with live bait, except for a few large blue runners we planned to use for some barracuda catch-and-release action. Bird and fish activity was evident in a school of bait on hard bottom about two miles south of the Betty Rose, so we used the old standby – a No. 1 planer with a No. 0 gold spoon – sure that we could catch a few runners on our way to bottom-fishing the Ten Fathom Wreck.

As soon as the planer was set “fish on” was heard and a small kingfish was brought to the boat. We caught eight kingfish and mackerel, then used a second rod with the same results.

After half an hour of nonstop action, we finally had blue runners and continued to the wreck. A large barracuda inhaled the first bait and was photographed and released after a 25-minute battle which took us four-tenths of a mile from the point of hookup.

Emily Smith, in the area from Wickliffe, Ohio, for her daughter’s wedding, was so fascinated by the different colors and species that she wrote down the names of the fish we caught. She wound up with 17 species by the end of the day.

Dave Zalewski charters the Lucky Too out of Madeira Beach and can be reached at 727 397-8815 or by e-mail at Luckytoo2@aol.com
By DAVE ZALEWSKI, Times Correspondent

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