Daily fishing report Tarpon Springs USA

Daily fishing report Tarpon Springs Inclement weather from Tropical Storm Arlene has churned up the water along the beaches and in the passes. When fishermen return to these areas, they likely will find most of the tarpon gone. Veteran guides view this as an opportunity. When large schools of fish disappear after severe weather, they gather in deeper waters offshore until the weather settles. If you are lucky enough to discover these deep-water staging areas, the fishing can be excellent. There often are hundreds of tarpon congregating on the surface, riding the ground swells remaining from the storm.

How far offshore tarpon go seems to be determined by the impact of the storm on nearshore waters. In most cases, it’s at least 5 miles although we have found tarpon more than 10 miles from land after a major storm. Searching the gulf for tarpon is a gamble but the payoff can be huge. We recently found several schools offshore and hooked 24 tarpon and landed 12 in a day.

Within a few days of a storm, the fish work their way back east and return to their beach haunts.

–Ed Walker charters out of Tarpon Springs. Call 727 944-3474 or e-mail info@lighttacklecharters.com

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