Daily fishing report Tampa

Daily fishing report Tampa – With Red Tide invading waters up into Three Rooker Bar and the Intracoastal Waterway, fish have moved to escape the toxic bloom. Most game fish have headed north toward safer waters.

Bait is stacked up north of the Anclote River. Throw some pennies in the livewell; it will help break down and filter contaminated water.

There are redfish around docks and in creeks and rivers. Shrimp has been working better than whitebait as the rain and freshwater runoffs are killing greenbacks. The brackish water has helped bring down water temperatures and stimulate redfish into chasing baits.

A gold spoon/white bucktail works well on the flats. If you hook a redfish, be sure to drop anchor and work the area thoroughly as they are starting to school. Incoming tide provides an advantage; water pushes in and drives fish into the shallows.

The grass flats in front of Anclote power plant are holding many speckled trout. Root beer and chameleon green soft plastics have resulted in hookups. To cover more ground, fan cast the jigs as the wind pushes your boat. Other predators, including small blacktip sharks and cobia, have attacked the lures intended for trout.

–Jim Huddleston charters out of Tampa, Palm Harbor and Clearwater and can be reached at 727 439-9017 or at jim@captainhud.com

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