Daily fishing report St. Petersburg

Daily fishing report – This week’s forecast looks good for offshore fishing. Between the Red Tide and hurricanes, getting offshore this month has been a challenge. After storms, however, fish have healthy appetites and should feed aggressively.

We’ll have cloudy water in the wake of Hurricane Rita, so use heavier tackle. Look for grouper and snapper on large ledges and structure. Start with frozen sardines, and if you find some live bait, switch to it once you get the fish feeding. Always keep some dead bait in the water while bottom fishing.

Because of the Red Tide, we have been fishing 25-plus miles offshore and as deep as 160 feet, which is about 60 miles out. Try your first stop in 120 feet and work your way offshore. Look for balls of bait on the bottom. If the tides allow, drift over the located fish. If you hook up, mark the spot and anchor just uptide. Give each spot at least 20 minutes to get the fish feeding. Place a couple of flat lines out the transom with live bait for increased action.

Amberjacks are on the bigger wrecks. The deeper the water, the bigger the jacks, and the bigger the live bait, the bigger the jacks you will catch.

Large diamond-type jigs work extremely well in cloudy water.

As our water cools, expect kingfish and tuna to start showing up. Kingfish prefer 72 degrees but will start showing up when the gulf reaches 78. The baitfish migration is the key, and with the bait comes our fall fishing season.

–Larry “Huffy” Hoffman charters out of John’s Pass, Treasure Island. Call 727 709-9396 or e-mail him at huffyl@tampabay.rr.com

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