Crime gangs infiltrate fishing industry

Crime gangs infiltrate fishing industry A new report has found transnational cartels involved in organised crime and money laundering are rife in the Australian fishing industry.

The Department of Fisheries report says criminal gangs are targeting vulnerable species like abalone, shark and seahorse, by colluding with sophisticated boats and equipment in isolated waters that are not heavily policed.

Russ Neal from the Seafood Industry Council is calling for tough uniform penalties in all states.

“Victoria has created an offence of trafficking in a commercial quantity of a priority species and slapped a 10-year goal term on that offence,” he said.

“Now if we could follow, for example, the report’s recommendations that that sort of deterrent be common across all jurisdictions, then we might be sending a further signal to would-be thieves that it’s just not worth the effort.”
ABC Online – Australia

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