Columbia USA Fishing report



LAKE GREENWOOD: Largemouth Bass: Very good, using spinnerbaits and chatterbaits around structure at 2 to 6 feet, with some bass moving into deeper water. Stripers: Good, behind the dam using Bombers, Charlie plugs, and flukes. Crappie: Good, using small to medium minnows, mini jigs and slider jigs around brush in up to 10 feet of water. Crappie starting to move into deeper water. Good catches below the dam using minnows. Catfish: Good. Try using redworms in 6 to 8 feet of water. Bream: Excellent, with redworms and crickets along shoreline structure and docks in 4 to 6 feet of water.

LAKE WATEREE: Largemouth Bass: Good, casting spinnerbaits and shallow-running crankbaits. Striped Bass: Good, using cut shad, live shad and bucktails at the Cedar Creek Dam. White Perch: Good, casting and jigging Twister-tail grubs and live minnows. Crappie: Good, in river channels and mouths of creeks trolling Wow grubs, Sliders, Kalin’s grubs. Catfish: Good, using earthworms, nightcrawlers, shrimp, small pieces of cut bait and live shad. Bream and Shellcrackers: Good. Try crickets, worms and artificial baits.

LAKE MURRAY: Largemouth Bass: Excellent, fishing Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, spinnerbaits and jerk baits around shrubs and brush in 3 to 4 feet of water. Striped Bass: Good. Fish in 20 to 35 feet of water with cut bait and live bait, trolling also producing catches. White Perch: Good, jigging with small spoons in 8 to 20 feet of water. Catfish: Excellent, using cut herring and nightcrawlers on the bottom 3 to 10 feet deep. Fish are moving into shallow water. Bream: Good, using redworms and crickets around new flooded grass in 2- 8 ft water, fish are starting to bed.


LAKE JOCASSEE: Largemouth Bass: Good, casting Carolina-rigged worms, Gary Yamamoto purple watermelon plastic worms and jerk baits with slow retrieve. Catfish: Good. Try nightcrawlers or cut bait on bottom. Bream: Excellent. Try redworms and popping bugs around banks and brush.

LAKE KEOWEE: Largemouth and Spotted Bass: Good, fishing with medium to jumbo minnows on bottom and free lining near surface to 20 feet deep. Bass are hitting topwater plugs. Good catches in the mid-lake area, 8 to 12 feet with jerkbaits and crankbaits. Catfish: Good, using minnows, nightcrawlers and cut bait on the bottom. Many catfish being caught in baskets. Bream: Good. Try using redworms and crickets around brush piles, stumps and bridge pilings.

LAKE HARTWELL: Largemouth Bass: Good. Try casting spinnerbaits and crankbaits off points and jigs around structure. Striped and Hybrid Bass: Good, free-lining live herring and large minnows and jigging in about 38 feet of water. Good catches around the dam with live herring at 15 to 20 feet. Crappie: Good. Try umbrella crappie rigs, also using small and medium minnows and small crappie jigs over brush and structure. Catfish: Good, using cut herring, large shiners, nightcrawlers, shrimp and chicken livers on the bottom.


LAKE RUSSELL: Largemouth Bass: Good, casting spinnerbaits, plastic worms and lizards around flats and points. Striped and Hybrid Bass: Very good, with bucktails, cut and live herring and jigs below the dam. White Bass: Good, using bucktails, spinners and live bait below the dam. Crappie: Good, using minnows and jigs around brush piles and bridge pilings. Fish are moving to shallow water with catches at 5 to 7 feet. Catfish: Good, using cut bait and nightcrawlers on the bottom. Bream: Good.

LAKE THURMOND: Largemouth Bass: Good. Try casting plastic worms, Rattletraps, CountDown lures, deep running Rebels, ShadRaps, Yozuri plugs and Challenger plugs. Striped and Hybrid Bass: Very good, using medium and large minnows, Sidewinder spoons, and 1/3 and 2/5 ounce Cleos. Crappie: Excellent, using small minnows and black and chartreuse with pepper colored mini-jigs around deep brush tops mini-jigs black, Wobbly-eye jigs, Crappie Thunder, Beetlespins and Roadrunners. Catfish: Good, using cut bait and nightcrawlers fishing on the bottom. Good catches around structure and pilings. Bream and Shellcrackers: Excellent.

LAKE WYLIE: Largemouth Bass: Good, casting spinnerbaits and medium-running crankbaits along points close to the bottom. Striped Bass: Good, using spoons and bucktails behind Lake Wylie dam. White Bass: Good, below the dam casting smaller bucktails and spoons. Crappie: Excellent, using small minnows and jigs around docks, piers and brush tops in 5 to 10 of water. Catfish: Good, fishing on the bottom with a variety of baits. Shellcrackers: Good. Try using redworms and crickets on the bottom. Bream: Excellent.


LAKE MARION: Largemouth Bass: Good, using artificial worms, Carolina rigs and bucktails fishing along banks and points, especially in the morning. Crappie: Good. Try using small and medium minnows over deep brush piles, bridge pilings and piers. Catfish: Excellent, using cut bait, cut shad, herring and shiners off the bottom in deep water. Good catches in shallow water at night. Bream and Shellcrackers: Excellent. Good sized fish being caught using redworms and crickets in 4 to 6 feet of water.

LAKE MOULTRIE: Largemouth Bass: Good. Try casting spinnerbaits, plastic worms and lizards along docks and structure. Striped Bass: Good. Good catches in the early morning and at night fishing with live herring 40 feet deep around the power plant and the Pinopolis Dam. Catfish: Good, using cut herring, menhaden (which are schooling), chicken livers and shiners 10 to 20 feet deep near the bottom along dike edges and around the dam. Bream: Good, using crickets and red worms. Shellcrackers: Good. Try crickets and red worms along along river runs and points.



CHERRY GROVE: Spanish mackerel and bluefish are biting very well on gold hooks and Gotcha plugs, with as many as four fish caught at a time using tandem hooks with soda-straw rigs. Flounder have been caught using mud minnows with egghead sinker and trailing leader. Sheepshead being caught on fiddler crabs. Black drum and red drum biting mud minnows and cut shrimp.

APACHE (MYRTLE BEACH): Two cobia, one 61 pounds, 12 ounces and one 42-8 were caught using turn-around blues. Black drum, including a 54-pound black drum, have been caught on crustaceans.

SPRINGMAID: Spotted sea trout, whiting and bluefish taken on shrimp and cut mullet. Flounder have been caught using shrimp and mud minnows. Good sized whiting have been causing using cut mullet.

MYRTLE BEACH STATE PARK: Whiting have been caught on shrimp and cut bait. Spanish mackerel being caught on jigged gold hooks and Gotcha plugs. Recent 9-pound, 4-ounce pompano caught on live shrimp. Good catches of small whiting, small blues and small Spanish mackerel with cut bait, shrimp and mullet.

SURFSIDE: Whiting have been caught on cut shrimp. Afternoon and nights best for all fishing. Spanish mackerel and pompano being caught with shrimp on a 2-hook bottom rig. Bluefish being caught on float rods with live bait. F

GARDEN CITY: Good catches of whiting and pompano on shrimp and bloodworms. Catching Spanish mackerel on “Gotcha plugs” and bluefish, jigging gold hooks.

FOLLY BEACH: Nice whiting, bluefish and croaker reported caught on cut shrimp.

HUNTING ISLAND STATE PARK: Whiting, small black drum and a few flounder are biting shrimp and cut bait. Use mud minnows for the flounder.

INSHORE (State Waters)

CHERRY GROVE: Flounder taking mud minnows in the inlet. Blues taken in surf on cut mullet.

MURRELLS INLET: Flounder taking mud minnows and cut shrimp. Winter trout taken on fiddler crabs.

CHARLESTON AREA: Red drum activity is picking up. Sheepshead and black sea bass are very good at the jetties. Use fiddlers and live shrimp. Flounder can be found in shallow inlets using mud minnows and grubs.

EDISTO AREA: A few red drum are being caught on mud minnows, shrimp and cut bait.

BEAUFORT AREA: Red drum are biting live mud minnows or shrimp, as well as artificial grubs. Sheepshead will take fiddlers around rocks and structures. Flounder mud minnows, a few summer trout have been caught using live shrimp and artificial lures.

OFFSHORE (Federal Waters)

Cherry Grove: Boats from Calabash and Little River report Atlantic Bonita are offshore from 2 to 10 miles out. Use No. 1 Clark spoons. Bottom fishing over reefs and live bottoms is still producing black sea bass as well as silver snapper.

MURRELLS INLET: Tuna, wahoo and king mackerel biting in the Gulf Stream. Snapper, grouper and a few amberjack are good. Catches of black sea bass are still good.

CHARLESTON AREA: Georgetown Hole and the Southwest Banks are yielding nice wahoo, dolphin, blackfin. Troll with ballyhoo. Black sea bass are still good over reefs and live bottoms. Snapper and grouper are good off ledges around 180 feet deep. Use cut bait or squid.

EDISTO RIVER/ST. HELENA SOUND: Fishing for black sea bass, snapper and grouper using squid or cigar minnows continues to be good at offshore reefs such as the Edisto 40 (PA-31) or Edisto 60 (PA-30). Sailfish, blue marlin, dolphin and wahoo being caught in Gulf Stream.

BEAUFORT AREA: Reports of cobia in the Broad River continue; use eels, squid, or Sabiki rigs with herring. Wahoo, dolphin and blackfin tuna have been caught near the Gulf Stream at the thermal break, trolling with ballyhoo and artificial lures. Sheepshead and whiting have been caught off wrecks

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