Century SS1327 or All-Star 1208


Originally Posted by lureman century-ss1327-or-all-star-1208 Century SS1327 or All-Star 1208

Ok, here we go guys, opinions, observations, opinions; which one of these rods, would you guys use for live eels, mainly rockhopping, wet suiting, AND which rod would you guys use for plugging the Canal, not jigs, i like to know what you GREAT guys of SOL think- Butch N. (no bashing,no arguments)

Have had both. Loved the 1208 for jigging and throw big plugs. Being 10 ft, distance for plugging the canal may be tough.

I have a 1327 with a saltiga 4500h for plugging. Casts a mile, light, 11 ft, and throws eels with ease.

Might be tough to find one because they have discontinued them but if you can find one, I’d go with a 1328. You can literally use that rod for everything in the canal. Have this rod as well and it’s the most used

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