Vans for Fishing.

Folks, I know nothing about motors so any advice/recommendations will be taken on board. I travel quite large distances to go fishing, exploring all over the Scottish Highlands and at all times of the year. I would also like the ability to stretch out for a sleep in it and I am 6ft 4in. …

Bass rod daiwa or conoflex

Hello all,after some opinions on the above rods,either the daiwa supercast 11ft6″ bass rod or one of the conoflex range.Just to add i mainly fish clean sand beaches and from time to time broken ground.Many thanks in advance.

Mugged off I think

Anyone know how these work.. Bought off Amazon for a couple of quid. I have no idea how they switch on! Or are the batts just flat on arrival.. Hmm. Basically china one me nil..image.jpg
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Cleaning AKIOS scora 80 f/s

Evening everyone and happy Friday!
I have an akios scora 80 reel it’s brilliant I love it!
Apart from rinsing under the tap after every outing is there any other maintenence I should be doing?

If so could you advise me as I’d like to keep it in top shape 🙂

rod for 10yr old

Hi all,i took my 10yr old fishing for the 1st time,we was on the ginn wall,he loved it,my problem is the old rod I gave him[Dam 12foot f/s] is too heavy,and too thick in the butt..Ithought about a carp rod,but its pulling it up the wall,with weight and weed on it most likely will snap.iM NOT…

Bass rod

Time to get the other half a new rod she,s been using an old salt flattie, which is great sandy beeches, but no good anything weedy and it’s folding,
Most of our fishing is sandy beaches, but we will venture to etive, and have fished rougher marks north west.
She,s too female to hold 1of my surf rods

Used to have a salt bass, but can’t see any for sale, looking for something like it, she can use as an all. Rounder,

Rough and smooth

Cheers in advance

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