what reel again! Mine just broke…..

Hi all…. Out yesterday in a kayak… using a shimano 400 size (fixed spool).. It got a dunking and then started be a pain to wind. Sounded like a cog was slipping. I know it was best suited to freshwater so now looking for a more suitable reel! I’ve used these reels for the past 3 years and had…

An old favourite scores again!

Got out this pm for a solo sesh… ‘Scorchio..but with a welcome breeze!?!’

Decided to clip on a Fakebait NL-1 in NAMH (holo sandeel colour I guess)

Third cast ..whack fish on …feisty little 2lber that went back to fight another day… (at last … my first fish on me new outfit..a Palms ShoreGun & Caldia 2500…luving it..!?!?

Can’t repeat the above despite switching to a Vulture (natural Bait), Flat 110, (Gold Chartreuse) Maxrap13 (Flake Hot Chartreuse) and back to the Fakebait NL

….so no more fish or followers…so I move…clip on a Gunny (Pearl Chartreuse) and get to work again…. mind is wandering… seagulls are being a pain…they fly off and before I can start to reel… smash, big swirl….darn missed her… and then …..nothing !?!?

And that was that..!?!?

Major craft?

I’m gonna invest in a new rod, I’ve been using a Teklon nano spin 8ft, it’s a great rod but I’m after something a bit different, lighter, longer..Pretty keen on the major craft skyroad 8’6" 10-30g, it looks like a lush bit of kit. My question to you is have you got or used one and if you have what’s your thoughts on it??? Cheers 🙂

Bass 2 – 0 Me

Not a great day today. Although nice to be out and about in the son. Fished 7am-12pm, with not a touch. Managed to lose a Pearl Rainbow Zonk and Ghost Minnow gunfish in almost consecutive casts due to being an idiot (wind knot and bale arm slam shut mid-cast). Lures last seen floating off in the…

Lure Advice

Attachment 212996 (http://www.worldseafishing.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=212996) sold a kidney and bought these…. opinions?

Double trouble in essex

Had a great day out today with Barry couldn’t resist the sun going down and the profile of a Angler,

Got a new lure a zenith carol ,,,same name as the missus but this one works 3 fish in 30 mins of getting to our fishing,Got the idea of mark 333 to go smaller and boy does it work,14 Bass between Baz and my self today up to 6lb Awesome fishing,
Coming 2 at a time double hook ups in essex ,,,,unheard of :drunk:

A couple of nice Bass that pull your string in water that was 23 degrees they were going bonkers in the warmth of the estuary,,

The highlight for me today was when Baz sneaked in front of me wading up stream I lashed my lure past him and as I got within 3 ft of his right gonad on my retrieve and a 6 lb Bass smashed my surface lure simply stunning ,he nearly had a heart attack!

Just great to have a day never to be forgotten cheers Baz for your company,,

As always


south cornwall advice needed

Hi guys,
I’m off to porthpean in a couple of weeks for a family holiday and was after a bit of help.
I’m only taking lure gear so thought it better to post on here and not sw coast section.
If anyone can give me any help on where and when would be the best times to sneak out for a dabble,I’m not looking for your secret spots just a bit of general advice would be fine.
Pm me if you don’t want to post in the open.
I’ve not found very much info for the area,just hope that’s not a bad omen lol

Thanks in advance

How many of you use nets for lure fishing?

Just wondering how many of you use a net when you go lure fishing?

Thinking about getting one myself but not sure if it is worth it or not, something else to carry around…But there are times when they would be handy.

If you do own/use one which ones can you recommend as a good quality piece of kit?


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