IMA Komomo SF-125

Hi All, been looking through my lure box with the intention of getting out and trying my luck and come across the above which haven’t even seen water, much like a few others I’ve got, so I thought I’d ask a question on as to how to use them, fast retrieve, slow retrieve twitchy retrive etc, any…

hook conversions

How many people opt to change the treble hooks on there lures for a single circle hook. Red numerous views in magazines but wondered if anyone out there has tried it for themselfs.

What a day !

Well here goes , if you get bored I’m sorry !
Day off today so I had planned all week to keep the other half happy & take her out to the Solent in my little boat bream fishing as she enjoys that & I could fit a little luring in at the same time , well yesterday she tells me the westie (dog)is booked in for a flipping haircut and won’t be finished till 1pm … Oh well I thought I can still hitch the boat on and get down south by late afternoon to catch some fishing in the evening …. Sounds like a plan … When she picked the dog up she then tells me that she’s NOT going fishing because it’s too hot !!!!!!
So I start to cut the grass instead holding my temper !! As usually happens when I’m mowing the grass I come up with great ideas & at 4pm decide to grab my lure gear and head off to Dorset on my own ( with the wife’s approval of course ) anyway three hours driving and I’m there , another half hours walk and the lures in the water as I slowly track the shore to my preferred spot thinking to myself that I saw on a thread today that it’s not worth fishing till 830pm , 825 I’m into a three pounder but loose it close in & 835 I hook a slightly better fish ! Does Mr Padfield have a crystal ball I think to myself ?
I was hoping to catch a few more but for reasons beyond my control I had to leave at 845 🙁 Leave that story for another day ! )
Home at 12pm & eat the sandwiches I made earlier for the boat trip with a glass of wine & everyone’s asleep so I can drink all of the wine myself !!! Almost a perfect day .
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Hand made lures

This is going to break some aspiring lure-makers hearts. This blokes an artist.

New site.

Anyone that wants to take a look at the new WSF site and have a go can do so… I’m on my phone at the moment so can’t post the link but if you take a look in *chatter* in the top sticky section the link is there and it will tell you how to get in.

Dodging crowds

Hi all,

Taking a keen angler friend lure/fly fishing for bass Saturday somewhere in sussex. The issue is I’m not sure where to go to dodge the crowds. Although we plan to be on the road at 5am so should not be too many people around that time of morning anyway.

For his first crack would be ideal to be away from the holidayers so any suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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