rod rests ??

Hi I just wondered why some fisherman always set their rods up sideways on instead of straight on facing forwards. Why is this ? Thank you

Black Bream Feeding Times

Hello all, I have recently been doing a bit of research on black bream and have come across some conflicting opinions. Some websites say that bream are a daylight feeder whereas others say the bream move closer to the shore during darkness. What id like to know is what has been the most consistent…

paypal protected?

I don’t really know where to put this so if the mods move it thats fine…but I dont know where else it should go really? Anyway, I bought something recently and paid via paypal, not as a gift but a goods payment. If the sender decides to keep all my hard earned money and not send me my fishy…

southampton town quay

Anyone fished the town quay recently? Im looking to do a session or few down there in a few weeks, looking for a nice bass on a night tide. anyone fishing there? Whats the going baits at the moment? Any bass coming out? Any advice is much appreciated as ive not been fishing for many many months due to injuries i got in afghan. so a few bites and a nice bass would be really nice!!


Tip light attaching

I know I could google this and find a number of ways but I thought I’d ask here to get your thoughts.

I have some LED tip lights that I have used a few times but in a rush I attached the holders with sellotape as a temporary fixing which has done the job fine. The last time I used them it was a wet night and luckily they held through the session. Now as I have the time I’d like to get them fixed on there properly.

I was just wondering how you guys fix the bases to the tips of your rods? Some sort of waterproof tape? Thread and glue? Any other ways?

So what do you use and why? Apologies if this has been asked loads of times, feel free to ignore if that’s the case 🙂


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